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Embezzlement – failing to ring up a sale at your job and pocketing the money could be charged as embezzlement
Credit card fraud – using a card you know to be stolen, or that is not yours and for which you have no authority to use, could be credit card fraud
Identify theft – using someone else’s identifying information to obtain credit, employment, or housing, for example, is identify theft
Insurance fraud – claiming a break-in when there wasn’t one in order to get the proceeds from an insurance policy, for example
Selling stolen property – selling an item to a pawnshop when you knew, or should have known, the item was stolen may be charged as “selling or receiving stolen property”
Failing to return rented or leased property – keeping a rental car way past the due date to return the car can be a crime.

Arrest Records By County - California (CA)

Theft Crime - Madera County, California


Natalie Sydney Norris
Bond: $25000
Arrest Age 21
Fresno, Madera, CA
Arrested Apr 13, 2015
• rec/etc stolen property $25000
• grand theft $25000
• vandalism $25000
• possess controlled substance paraphernalia $25000
• rearrest/revoke probation/etc $5000
Norris Natalie - Madera County, CA
Nathan Lane Norris
Bond: $3000
Arrest Age 25
Madera, Madera, CA
Arrested Aug 30, 2009
• theft & unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle
• violation of parole:felony
• unlawful to drive unless lic. $3000 notes: release own recognizance 09/30/09 msc staggs/rel t/a 11/23/09 (bc)
• evidence of financial responsibility $3000 notes: charges ordered dismissed 09/30/09 msc staggs/dism (bc)
Norris Nathan - Madera County, CA
Shawn William Norris
Bond: $25000
Arrest Age 33
Madera, Madera, CA
Arrested Jul 22, 2007
• interfere with power line $25000 notes: da did not file 07/24/07 (nf)
• grand theft $10000 notes: da did not file 07/24/07 (nf)
• malicious mischief/vandalism [ $5000 or more] $50000 notes: da did not file 07/24/07 (nf)
• violation of parole:felony
• vandalism [ $5000 or more] ovr $10000 notes: release own recognizance 08/08/07 msc degroot/release t/a 08/10/07 (nf)
• damage telephone/power
Norris Shawn - Madera County, CA
Christopher Norwood
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 49
Stockton, Madera, CA
Arrested Jun 26, 2009
• petty theft $500 notes: book and release 06/26/09 msc rigby/convict (bm)
Norwood Christopher - Madera County, CA
Lois Michelle Null
Bond: $25000
Arrest Age 46
Atwater, Madera, CA
Arrested Mar 15, 2011
• inflict corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant $25000 notes: charge amended to misd 03/21/11 msc rigby/amnd (ag)
• threaten crime w/intent to terrorize $25000 notes: charges ordered dismissed 03/21/11 msc rigby/dism (ag)
• grand theft $10000 notes: d.a. did not file 03/17/11 (ag)
• inflict corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant statu
Null Lois - Madera County, CA
Lois Michelle Null

Arrest Age 50
Oakhurst, Madera, CA
Arrested Dec 23, 2014
• grand theft
Null Lois - Madera County, CA
Joshua Nunes
Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 36
Madera, Madera, CA
Arrested Nov 26, 2009
• burglary $5000 notes: dismissed 12/09/09 msc wyatt/dism (do)
• petty theft w/prior jail term for theft/burglary/r $5000 notes: amend to 537(a)pc 12/09/09 wyatt/amd (do)
• defrauding innkeepers, etc.
Nunes Joshua - Madera County, CA
Roberto Nunez
Bond: $25000
Arrest Age 39
Fontana, Madera, CA
Arrested Mar 06, 2008
• grand theft $25000 notes: release own recognizance 03/13/2008 msc moffat/rel or t/a 04/16/08(mmeras)
• use of personal i.d. to
Nunez Roberto - Madera County, CA
Samuel Amezola Nunez
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 42
Fresno, Madera, CA
Arrested Jun 17, 2008
• petty theft $500 notes: bail t/a msc 07/21/08 @ 0830 hrs (bm)(mb)
Nunez Samuel - Madera County, CA
Teresa Nunez

Arrest Age 33
Redmond, Madera, CA
Arrested Dec 13, 2011
• theft
Nunez Teresa - Madera County, CA
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What is the penalty for theft in California?
A misdemeanor sentence results in up to one year in jail and a felony sentence results in prison time of 16 months, two years, or three years. (Cal. Penal Code §§ 487, 490.2 (2020).)

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