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TheftTheft Crime Charges in California

Embezzlement – failing to ring up a sale at your job and pocketing the money could be charged as embezzlement
Credit card fraud – using a card you know to be stolen, or that is not yours and for which you have no authority to use, could be credit card fraud
Identify theft – using someone else’s identifying information to obtain credit, employment, or housing, for example, is identify theft
Insurance fraud – claiming a break-in when there wasn’t one in order to get the proceeds from an insurance policy, for example
Selling stolen property – selling an item to a pawnshop when you knew, or should have known, the item was stolen may be charged as “selling or receiving stolen property”
Failing to return rented or leased property – keeping a rental car way past the due date to return the car can be a crime.

Arrest Records By County - California (CA)

Theft Crime - Merced County, California


Julio Cesar Lopez
Arrested Jun 20, 2019
• posses controlled substance
• insurance at scene of traffic accident
• drive w/license susp/revoked for dui
• revocation - post release community supervision
• revocation of mandatory supervision
• burglary - residential
• grand theft or felony vehicle theft-with prior
Lopez Julio - Merced County, CA
Maria Christina Lopez
Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 36
Los Banos, Merced, CA
Arrested Sep 06, 2015
• petty theft under $950.00
• false id to peace officer
Lopez Maria - Merced County, CA
Melena Celeste Lopez
Bond: $155555
Arrest Age 24
Newman, Merced, CA
Arrested Jan 21, 2018
• posses controlled substance
• possession of drug paraphernalia
• use/under influence of controlled substance
• petty theft under $400
Lopez Melena - Merced County, CA
Nedinne Lisset Lopez

Arrest Age 45
Volta, Merced, CA
Arrested Mar 27, 2018
• public nuisance notes: cite & release
• littering and waste matter defined notes: cite & release
• maintain nuisance after notice notes: cite & release
• trespass:real property or structure w/o owners consent notes: cite & release
• theft of personal property notes: cite & release
• possession of drug paraphernalia notes: cite & release
Lopez Nedinne - Merced County, CA
Roberto Villafuerte Lopez
Bond: $250000
Arrest Age 21
Los Banos, Merced, CA
Arrested Jan 30, 2016
• possess short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun
• petty theft under $400
Lopez Roberto - Merced County, CA
Roberto Lopez
Bond: $20000
Arrest Age 33
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Jul 13, 2017
• grand theft from person
Lopez Roberto - Merced County, CA
Rosita Payan Lopez

Arrest Age 23
Atwater, Merced, CA
Arrested Sep 16, 2013
• petty theft notes: no complaint
Lopez Rosita - Merced County, CA
Salvador Padilla Lopez

Arrest Age 34
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Nov 25, 2014
• felon in possession of firearm notes: time served
• person prohibited from possessing a firearm shall not possess ammo notes: time served
• possession of drug paraphernalia notes: time served
• petty theft of retail merchandise notes: time served
• parole violation notes: time served
Lopez Salvador - Merced County, CA
Sara Antonia Lopez
Arrested Feb 26, 2021
• stolen vehicle without owners consent
• non-caretaker-theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud from elder/dependent adult
Lopez Sara - Merced County, CA
Sara Antonia Lopez
Bond: $50000
Arrest Age 30
Arrested May 11, 2018
• filing false or fraudulent claims
• theft over $400
Lopez Sara - Merced County, CA
Sergio Soto Lopez
Bond: $200
Arrest Age 27
Los Banos, Merced, CA
Arrested Aug 04, 2014
• petty theft under $400
Lopez Sergio - Merced County, CA
Miguel Lopez-Avino
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 29
Los Banos, Merced, CA
Arrested Dec 13, 2015
• petty theft under $950.00
Lopez-Avino Miguel - Merced County, CA
Angela Marie Lopez-Flores

Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Dec 01, 2019
• parole violation
• possession of burglary tools
• possession of drug paraphernalia
• posses controlled substance
• attempted petty theft
Lopez-Flores Angela - Merced County, CA
Eber Alejandro Lopez-Oyuela
Arrested Jun 14, 2020
• possession of assault weapon-first violation
• carrying loaded firearm in public
• carrying concealed weapon/vehicle - driver
• possess large capacity magazine
• grand theft of a firearm-value exceeding $400
• public intoxication of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substance
Lopez-Oyuela Eber - Merced County, CA
Jose Brernardo Lopez-Perez

Turlock, Merced, CA
Arrested Sep 17, 2019
• possession of drug paraphernalia
• valid prior under p.c. section 667.5 (b) all others
• special allegation - prior auto theft conviction
• two license plates required
• evidence of financial responsibility upon demand by police officer
• failure to display registration card
• destroying or concealing documentary evidence
• posses controlled substance
• drive suspended/revoked license
• unregistered vehicle
• display on veh/present to officer unlawful reg
• false ident
Lopez-Perez Jose - Merced County, CA
Eddie Lor

Arrest Age 38
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Dec 27, 2012
• petty theft notes: s/bond
• valid prior under p.c. section 667.5 (b) all others notes: s/bond
• possess controlled substance notes: s/bond
Lor Eddie - Merced County, CA
Thai Lor

Arrest Age 28
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Mar 18, 2014
• burglary auto/commercial notes: court o/r
• petty theft under $400 notes: court o/r
Lor Thai - Merced County, CA
Elizabeth Loredo
Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 36
Los Banos, Merced, CA
Arrested Nov 18, 2014
• petty theft
Loredo Elizabeth - Merced County, CA
Rose Antoinette Lorenzo

Arrest Age 24
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Sep 10, 2015
• petty theft under $400 notes: time served
Lorenzo Rose - Merced County, CA
Carmelo Lorenzoarizmendi

Arrest Age 33
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Jun 29, 2018
• probation revoked-rearresting probationer; suspension notes: time served
• vandalism $5,000 and over notes: time served
• petty theft under $400 notes: time served
• resist, delays or obstructs any public officer, peace officer or emergency medical technician notes: time served
Lorenzoarizmendi Carmelo - Merced County, CA
Danny Lee Loretto

Arrest Age 32
Manilva, Merced, CA
Arrested Feb 07, 2014
• theft-defined (larceny-petty theft) notes: time served
• petty theft value under $50 notes: time served
Loretto Danny - Merced County, CA
Rebecca Louden
Bond: $50000
Arrest Age 29
Dos Palos, Merced, CA
Arrested Mar 03, 2015
• robbery
• obstructs/resists public officer
• non-caretaker-theft, embezzlement, forgery or fraud from elder/dependent adult
• parole violation
Louden Rebecca - Merced County, CA
Larry Loudermilk

Arrest Age 58
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Mar 11, 2013
• burglary auto/commercial notes: sentenced
• grand theft of a firearm-value exceeding $400 notes: sentenced
Loudermilk Larry - Merced County, CA
Ernie Love

Arrest Age 39
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Jul 31, 2016
• grand theft notes: s/bond
Love Ernie - Merced County, CA
Katharine Elizabeth Love

Arrest Age 32
Richmond, Merced, CA
Arrested May 22, 2012
• petty theft with prior theft conviction notes: sentenced
• keep place to sell/etc controlled substance notes: sentenced
• parole violation notes: sentenced
Love Katharine - Merced County, CA
Michael Love
Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 19
Merced, Merced, CA
Arrested Jan 20, 2016
• petty theft under $950.00
• spousal abuse
• spouse abuse
Love Michael - Merced County, CA
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What is the penalty for theft in California?
A misdemeanor sentence results in up to one year in jail and a felony sentence results in prison time of 16 months, two years, or three years. (Cal. Penal Code §§ 487, 490.2 (2020).)

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