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TheftTheft Crime Charges in California

Embezzlement – failing to ring up a sale at your job and pocketing the money could be charged as embezzlement
Credit card fraud – using a card you know to be stolen, or that is not yours and for which you have no authority to use, could be credit card fraud
Identify theft – using someone else’s identifying information to obtain credit, employment, or housing, for example, is identify theft
Insurance fraud – claiming a break-in when there wasn’t one in order to get the proceeds from an insurance policy, for example
Selling stolen property – selling an item to a pawnshop when you knew, or should have known, the item was stolen may be charged as “selling or receiving stolen property”
Failing to return rented or leased property – keeping a rental car way past the due date to return the car can be a crime.

Arrest Records By County - California (CA)

Theft Crime - Tehama County, California


Joe W Galvez

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Arrested Oct 12, 2019
• petty theft/value not exceeding $950 notes: open
• trespas:driv on priv property m notes: open
• buy or receiving stolen vehicle or equipment notes: open
• cause fire of struc/fores f notes: open
Galvez Joe - Tehama County, CA
Antonio Fierro Garcia

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Arrested Jan 20, 2017
• vandalism:damage property m notes: open
• tresspassing m notes: open
• petty theft m notes: open
Garcia Antonio - Tehama County, CA
Isreal Cuevas Garcia

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Arrested Feb 08, 2019
• prs- revocation proceedings f notes: open
• possess controlled substance paraphernalia m notes: open
• unauthorized possession notes: open
• obstruct/resist arrest m notes: open
• vehicle theft f notes: open
Garcia Isreal - Tehama County, CA
Jose Alfredo Garcia

Arrest Age 24
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Arrested Sep 08, 2015
• grand theft of labor f notes: sentenced 1 year 8 months 20 days
• false imprison w/violence f notes: sentenced 1 year 8 months 20 days
Garcia Jose - Tehama County, CA
Michael Garcia

Arrest Age 30
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Arrested May 29, 2016
• bench warrant/failure to appear after release notes: dismissed
• grand theft f notes: open
• carrying firearm in public place while masked notes: open
• under influence of spec control substance:pos notes: open
• spec alleg-offense while on bail or o.r. f notes: open
• fta on felony charge while on bail f notes: open
Garcia Michael - Tehama County, CA
Paul Garcia

Arrest Age 20
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Arrested Apr 21, 2013
• attempted vehicle theft notes: open
Garcia Paul - Tehama County, CA
Robert Jude Garcia

Arrest Age 19
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Arrested Feb 24, 2013
• burglary:second degree notes: open
• obstruct/etc pub ofcr/etc notes: open
• contrib to delinq of minr notes: open
• conspiracy:commit crime notes: open
• prob viol:rearest/revoke notes: open
• petty theft: $50- notes: open
Garcia Robert - Tehama County, CA
Victor Fredrico Garcia

Arrest Age 50
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Arrested Apr 12, 2014
• enter noncomm dwelling m notes: dismissed
• fta after written promise m notes: dismissed
• fta on felony charge f notes: dismissed
• possession of dirk or dagger f notes: sentenced 1 year 1 month 10 days
• pthft w/pr jail:spec ofns f notes: sentenced 0 years 0 months 0 days
• pub
Garcia Victor - Tehama County, CA
Levi Michael Gardner

Arrest Age 42
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Arrested Sep 01, 2015
• pthft w/pr jail:spec ofns m notes: open
• burglary f notes: open
Gardner Levi - Tehama County, CA
Eber Garduno-Nunez

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Arrested Feb 14, 2020
• grand theft by embezzlement f notes: open
Brandon Wade Garry

Arrest Age 31
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Arrested Jul 10, 2013
• condition/post release comm. supervision notes: open
• fail t/appear:writ promis notes: open
• pthft w/pr jail:spec ofns notes: open
Garry Brandon - Tehama County, CA
Thomas Matthew Garry

Arrest Age 40
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Arrested Jan 16, 2014
• pthft w/pr jail:spec ofns notes: sentenced 0 yrs 5 days
Garry Thomas - Tehama County, CA
Joshua Kenneth Gayle

Arrest Age 22
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Arrested Apr 08, 2013
• vehicle theft notes: sentenced 0 yrs 90 days
Gayle Joshua - Tehama County, CA
Bethany Lauren Gaylord

Arrest Age 22
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Arrested Jan 07, 2014
• poss controlled substance notes: open
• cntl sub paraphernalia notes: open
• rec knwn stoln property $400+ notes: open
• vehicle theft notes: open
Gaylord Bethany - Tehama County, CA
Jessica Rose Geoghagan

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Arrested Nov 06, 2017
• burglary f notes: open
• petty theft/value not exceeding $950 notes: open
• under influence cntl sub m notes: open
• vandalism [under $1000] m notes: open
• tamper with vehicle m notes: open
Geoghagan Jessica - Tehama County, CA
Andrew James George

Arrest Age 49
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Arrested Feb 05, 2015
• g/thft: $/labor/property $400+ notes: open
• rec knwn stoln property - $400 notes: open
George Andrew - Tehama County, CA
Jesse Richard Gerber

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Arrested Jun 02, 2019
• restitution fine m notes: open
• petty theft under $950 notes: open
• petty theft m notes: open
• fail to appear on signed promise to appear m notes: open
• receive/etc known stolen property m notes: open
Gerber Jesse - Tehama County, CA
Anthony Giaimo

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Arrested Dec 03, 2018
• fug just:warrant arrest f notes: open
• fail to obey peace officer f notes: open
• buying/receiving stolen veh/equipment f notes: open
• vehicle theft f notes: open
Giaimo Anthony - Tehama County, CA
Brittney Lynn Giannola

Arrest Age 22
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Arrested Oct 21, 2013
• grand theft notes: sentenced 0 yrs 60 days
Giannola Brittney - Tehama County, CA
Dakota Lane Gimlin

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Arrested Apr 18, 2018
• failure to appear on felony charge f notes: open
• vehicle theft f notes: open
Gimlin Dakota - Tehama County, CA
Adam Gomez

Arrest Age 25
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Arrested Feb 17, 2015
• g/thft: $/labor/property $400+ notes: open
Gomez Adam - Tehama County, CA
Shannah Renee Gomez

Arrest Age 40
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Arrested Dec 05, 2012
• petty theft: $50- notes: open
• burglary:second degree notes: open
• false checks/rec/cert/etc notes: open
Gomez Shannah - Tehama County, CA
Anthony Adam Gonzales

Arrest Age 36
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Arrested Jun 22, 2016
• theft m notes: open
Gonzales Anthony - Tehama County, CA
Nick Ramon Gonzalez

Arrest Age 21
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Arrested Dec 06, 2012
• theft notes: book&release
Gonzalez Nick - Tehama County, CA
Jorge Gonzalez-Ledezma

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Arrested May 20, 2018
• attempted vehicle theft notes: open
Gonzalez-Ledezma Jorge - Tehama County, CA
Tyler James Goodwin

Arrest Age 25
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Arrested Nov 10, 2014
• prob viol:rearest/revoke notes: open
• poss controlled substance notes: open
• possess narcotic cntl sub notes: open
• theft:eld/dep adult $400+ notes: open
Goodwin Tyler - Tehama County, CA
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What is the penalty for theft in California?
A misdemeanor sentence results in up to one year in jail and a felony sentence results in prison time of 16 months, two years, or three years. (Cal. Penal Code §§ 487, 490.2 (2020).)

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