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Stolen property or services valued at more than $20,000 results in a second-degree felony. A guilty person is subject to up to nine years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Arrest Records By County - New Mexico (NM)

Theft Crime - Bernalillo County, New Mexico


Chelsea Ree Maldonado

Arrest Age 37
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Arrested Oct 05, 2010
• forgery/4th deg
• fail to appear crmnl trial, orgnl chrg of rvkd/no reg/fin res, jdg walton
• fail to pay fines imposed
• cntmpt fail to pay fines, orgnl chrg of veh ins/no reg/wndshld, jdg humphrey
• warrant for arrest orgnl charg of frgy undr 2500/id thft, jdg unkn
Maldonado Chelsea - Bernalillo County, NM
Gabriel Pete Maldonado
Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 25
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Arrested Feb 17, 2014
• grand jury indictment;burglary auto/comm/water craft;larceny $500 - $2500;conspiracy;theft of a credit card;fraudulent use of credit card (without consent)(over $300) 30-16-33(b) f3$10000 notes: cash/surety
Maldonado Gabriel - Bernalillo County, NM
Laurie Lynn Maldonado
Bond: $25000
Arrest Age 37
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Arrested Jul 24, 2014
• fail to comply w/cond of release$25000 notes: cash/surety
• fail to appear motion hearing$25000 notes: cash/surety
• noncompliance of laws relating to trust companies 58-09-12 mh
• fail to appear arraignment
• theft of identity;receive stolen property $500 - $2500$20000 notes: cash only
• failure to appear in court$500 notes: cash only
• failure to appear i
Maldonado Laurie - Bernalillo County, NM
Robert Joe Maldonado

Arrest Age 43
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Arrested Jun 02, 2011
• fraud use of cc/4th deg
• robbery w/o weapon
• conspiracy
• theft of identity
• fraud use of cc/4th deg, theft of identity, conspiracy
Maldonado Robert - Bernalillo County, NM
Margaret Malone
Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 40
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Arrested Feb 09, 2014
• forgery/4th deg$10000 notes: cash/surety
• fail to comply;theft of identity;poss. of altered/forged or fictitious dl
• fail to appear court;batt against household member
Malone Margaret - Bernalillo County, NM
Terry Dean Maness

Arrest Age 34
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Arrested Dec 06, 2008
• theft of id, obt id by electronic fraud, fraud(over 20,000.) cospiracy (to commit fraud) judge dianna rice
Maness Terry - Bernalillo County, NM
Jorge Manjarrez-Olivas

Arrest Age 50
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Arrested Aug 12, 2008
• fta guilty plea rec-trans stln mtr veh theft cc resist evade obstruct batt po (2 cts) poss drg par judge sanchez
Manjarrez-Olivas Jorge - Bernalillo County, NM
Jeffery Lynn Manning

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Arrested Aug 02, 2013
• theft of a credit card
• burglary auto/comm/water craft
• conspiracy to commit 4th deg felony
• unauth w/drawal account
• theft of identity
Manning Jeffery - Bernalillo County, NM
Jesus Manriquez-Ornelas

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Arrested Jun 09, 2011
• unlawful taking of motor vehicle
• embezzlement mv 1st offense
• theft of identity
• embezzlement mv 1st offense, unlawful taking mtr veh, id theft
Manriquez-Ornelas Jesus - Bernalillo County, NM
Jose Manuel

Arrest Age 35
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Arrested Dec 10, 2018
• conspiracy to commit 4th deg felony
• receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl
• grand jury indictment
• failure to appear in court
• probation violation;attempt to commit felony
• theft of identity
Manuel Jose - Bernalillo County, NM
Leona Manuelito

Arrest Age 35
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Arrested Sep 25, 2008
• thft id frdlnt cc 51 cnts, jdg murdoch
Manuelito Leona - Bernalillo County, NM
Donald Eric Maple

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Arrested Dec 18, 2011
• probation violation
• fail to appear arraignment,
• tamper with evidence
• fail to appear arraignment
• forgery/general
• fraud $250 or less
• theft of identity
• fail to appear arraignment, forgery/general, theft of identity, tamper with evidence, fraud $250 or less
Maple Donald - Bernalillo County, NM
Justen Christopher Mares

Arrest Age 39
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Arrested Aug 12, 2011
• violation of cond of release, unlawful taking of motor vehicle, theft of a credit card
Mares Justen - Bernalillo County, NM
Jimmy Julius Marez

Arrest Age 43
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Arrested Aug 18, 2008
• fugitive complaint california larcny grnd thft, jdg knw
Marez Jimmy - Bernalillo County, NM
Alfonso Marin
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 44
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Arrested Sep 29, 2016
• theft of identity$500 notes: cash/surety
• fail to appear court;battery/domestic abuse against a hhm
• fail to comply w/cond of release;battery against household member;interference with communications (misdemeanor)
Marin Alfonso - Bernalillo County, NM
Edward Anthony Marin-Trejo

Arrest Age 43
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Arrested Jun 07, 2021
• receiving/transferring stolen motor vehicles (1st offense)
• "forgery - making or altering (over $20,000)"
• theft of identity
Marin-Trejo Edward - Bernalillo County, NM
Anderson Marion
Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 26
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Arrested Dec 13, 2017
• receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl$10000 notes: cash only
• receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl
• theft of identity
• possession of a firearm by felon
• possession contr substance
• tamper with evidence
• fail to comply w/cond probation;burglary resid
Marion Anderson - Bernalillo County, NM
Jeana Dee Markham

Arrest Age 39
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Arrested Jan 17, 2011
• remand, forgery lt 2500, theft identity, jdg unknown
Markham Jeana - Bernalillo County, NM
Brandi Marquez

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Arrested Mar 27, 2020
• fraud $100-$250
• theft of identity
• forgery less than $2500
Marquez Brandi - Bernalillo County, NM
Francine Leecette Marquez

Arrest Age 38
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Arrested Jan 25, 2006
• prob & parole - com burg of veh, theft / out of county - santa fe
Marquez Francine - Bernalillo County, NM
Isaiah James Marquez
Bond: $1000
Arrest Age 27
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Arrested Sep 19, 2017
• aggravated eluding
• fail to appear court;forgery less than $2500;theft of identity$1000 notes: cash/surety
Marquez Isaiah - Bernalillo County, NM
Judy Crystal Marquez
Bond: $17500
Arrest Age 30
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Arrested Mar 10, 2016
• conspiracy$17500 notes: cash/surety
• forgery
• receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl
• theft of identity
• deal credit card of another
Marquez Judy - Bernalillo County, NM
Matthew Richard Marquez

Arrest Age 58
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Arrested Feb 06, 2009
• fugitive complaint-larceny grand theft//jdg unknown
Marquez Matthew - Bernalillo County, NM
Obed Dennis Marquez

Arrest Age 42
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Arrested Apr 13, 2005
• embzlmnt (2500-20000), fraud (250-2500), larceny (250-2500), theft of credit card--jdg walton
Marquez Obed - Bernalillo County, NM
Nereyda Marrufo

Arrest Age 34
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Arrested Jul 31, 2018
• larceny $2500-$20000
• burglary residential
• fraud $2500-$20000
• failure to appear in court
• theft of identity
• fail to appear court;larceny $2500-$20000;burglary residential;theft of identity;fraud $2500-$20000
Marrufo Nereyda - Bernalillo County, NM
Mark C Marrujo
Bond: $1500
Arrest Age 49
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Arrested Feb 01, 2018
• receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl
• fail to appear court;grand jury indictment;theft of identity;conspiracy;unlawful alter/forge of a driver license$1500 notes: cash/surety
• fail to appear court;no proof of insurance in vehicle;expired lic plate/registration;use false name when apply for driv licen$100 notes: cash only
Marrujo Mark - Bernalillo County, NM
Amy E Marsh

Arrest Age 38
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Arrested Feb 04, 2009
• fta, forg lt $2500 (x 2), id theft, alt/forg/fic lic, fraud ccard sign, judge brown
• fta forg, consp forg, poss of drug para, poss of marij und 1 oz, rec stln property, judge shepherd
• fta burg comm/auto, larceny lt 100, judge martinez
• fta, burg comm/auto, larceny lt $100, judge martinez
• fta, agg burg, larceny $2500-$20000, larc of f arm u $2500. (4 counts), id theft x 2, rec stln property $2500.-20000, crim d
Marsh Amy - Bernalillo County, NM
Kathrine Marshall

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Arrested Apr 15, 2019
• shoplifting $250 or less
• theft of identity
• fail to appear court;receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl;larceny/firearm under $2500;larceny $500 - $2500;theft of a credit card
Marshall Kathrine - Bernalillo County, NM
Donald Lloyd Martin

ᐅMore Information
Arrested Jun 25, 2018
• forgery
• resist/obstruct an officer
• shoplifting $250 or less
• fail to comply w/cond of release
• conspiracy
• theft of identity
• fraud
• fail to comply w/cond of release;resist/obstruct an officer;shoplifting $250 or less
• fail to comply;resist/obstruct an officer;shoplifting $250 or less
• theft of identity;fraud;forgery;conspiracy
Martin Donald - Bernalillo County, NM
Ian Martin
Bond: $20000
Arrest Age 28
ᐅMore Information
Arrested Aug 15, 2014
• conspiracy$20000 notes: cash/surety
• control subst traff/poss int 1st
• conspiracy
• tamper with evidence
• poss contr substance
• grand jury indictment;burglary residential;conspiracy;larceny ov 2500 und 20000;receive stolen property 2500-20000;theft of a credit card;breaking and entering;poss of burglary tools
Martin Ian - Bernalillo County, NM
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