ᐅ New Jersey Arrest Database (NJ)

In New Jersey, arrest records are generally considered public records, which means they can be accessed by the public. However, access to these records may be subject to certain restrictions and privacy laws. The specific details and availability of arrest records can vary depending on the circumstances and the type of arrest.

Here are some ways to access arrest records in New Jersey:

  1. New Jersey State Police: The New Jersey State Police maintain a central repository of criminal records, including arrest records, through their Records and Identification Section.
  2. County Clerk’s Office: Each county in New Jersey has a County Clerk’s Office that may handle various public records, including arrest records. You can contact the County Clerk’s Office of the county where the arrest occurred and inquire about their procedures for accessing arrest records. They may have specific forms or requirements for obtaining these records.
  3. Local Police Department: If the arrest was made by a local police department, you can contact that department directly to inquire about accessing the arrest records. They may have specific procedures for providing access to these records, such as requesting them in person or submitting a written request.

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