ᐅ Maine Arrest Database (ME)

In Maine, arrest records are typically handled by the Maine State Police (MSP) and local law enforcement agencies. To access arrest records, you can follow these steps: Maine State Police: The Maine State Police maintains a centralized repository for criminal history information. They provide access to arrest records through their online system called the Maine … Read more

ᐅ Maryland Arrest Database (MD)

To look up court cases in Maryland, you can follow these steps: Maryland Judiciary Case Search: The Maryland Judiciary provides an online portal called Case Search that allows public access to certain court case records in the state. You can visit the Case Search website at http://casesearch.courts.state.md.us/casesearch/ to search for court cases, including criminal, civil, … Read more

ᐅ Louisiana Arrest Database (LA)

To find arrests in Louisiana, you can follow these steps: Louisiana State Police (LSP): The Louisiana State Police is the primary law enforcement agency in the state. They provide access to arrest records through their online system called the Louisiana State Police Criminal Records Search. You can visit their website at https://lsp.org/ and look for … Read more

ᐅ Kentucky Arrest Database (KY)

To find out if someone is in a local jail, you can follow these steps: Contact the Local Jail: Start by contacting the local jail or detention center where you believe the person may be held. Local jails are usually operated by county sheriffs’ offices or city police departments. You can search online for the … Read more

ᐅ Kansas Arrest Database (KS)

To obtain your criminal record in Kansas, you can follow these steps: Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI): The Kansas Bureau of Investigation provides criminal history records for the state of Kansas. They offer an online service called the “KBI Criminal History Record Check” that allows individuals to request their own criminal records. You can access … Read more

ᐅ Illinois Arrest Database (IL)

In Illinois, police reports are generally considered public records, and their availability to the public is governed by the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA establishes the right of individuals to access and obtain public records, including police reports, from government agencies. However, there are some exceptions and limitations to the public release … Read more

ᐅ Iowa Arrest Database (IA)

The availability and accessibility of arrest records vary across the United States. In general, arrest records are considered public records, meaning they are accessible to the public. However, the specific rules and regulations regarding the disclosure and dissemination of arrest records can differ from state to state and even among different jurisdictions within a state. … Read more

ᐅ Idaho Arrest Database (ID)

To find arrests in Idaho, you can try the following methods: Idaho State Police (ISP): The Idaho State Police provides access to a statewide repository of criminal history records. They offer an online service called the Idaho Repository, which allows you to search for arrest records and criminal history information. You can access it at … Read more