ᐅ Montana Arrest Database (MT)

To find arrest records in Montana, you can follow these steps:

  1. Montana Department of Corrections (DOC): The Montana Department of Corrections provides access to inmate records and arrest records through their online Offender Locator. You can visit their website at https://app.mt.gov/conweb/ to search for individuals who are currently incarcerated or on parole in Montana. The database includes information on individuals held in state prisons. You can search using the person’s name or offender ID to obtain information about their current incarceration status and related arrest records.
  2. County Sheriff’s Office: If you believe the person you are looking for may be held in a county jail, you can contact the relevant County Sheriff’s Office. Each county in Montana has its own sheriff’s office, and they are responsible for operating county jails. You can search for the official website or contact information of the specific county sheriff’s office where the individual may be held. They can provide information about inmates held in their facilities and may have access to arrest records.
  3. Montana Court Records: Arrest records may be part of court records, especially if charges have been filed and a court case is pending or has been resolved. The Montana Court System provides access to court records through the Montana Court Information System (MCIS). You can visit their website at http://courts.mt.gov/MCIS to search for court case records, including criminal cases. However, note that arrest records may not be accessible for all cases, and some information may be restricted.
  4. Online Public Record Databases: There are online platforms that compile and provide access to public records, including arrest records, from various sources.

It’s important to note that access to arrest records may be subject to certain restrictions and privacy laws. Some records may not be publicly available or may require authorization to access, especially if they involve sensitive or confidential information. Additionally, fees may apply for obtaining copies of public records.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on accessing arrest records in Montana, it’s recommended to visit the official websites of the Montana Department of Corrections, the respective County Sheriff’s Offices, or contact them directly for guidance on the specific process and requirements.

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