ᐅ New Hampshire Arrest Database (NH)

To find information about recent arrests in New Hampshire, you can follow these steps:

  1. New Hampshire State Police: The New Hampshire State Police is the primary law enforcement agency in the state.  Look for the “News” or “Press Releases” section on their website to access updates on arrests and other law enforcement activities.
  2. Local Police Departments: Each city or town in New Hampshire has its own local police department. Visit the official website of the specific police department where you are interested in finding recent arrests. Look for a “News” or “Press Releases” section, as they may provide information about arrests and other law enforcement activities happening within their jurisdiction.
  3. Local News Outlets: Local news outlets in New Hampshire often report on recent arrests and criminal activities. Visit the websites or online platforms of local newspapers, television stations, or radio stations to access their news sections. They may have dedicated crime or police blotters where you can find information about recent arrests in specific areas.


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