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Stolen property or services valued at more than $20,000 results in a second-degree felony. A guilty person is subject to up to nine years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Arrest Records By County - New Mexico (NM)

Theft Crime - Bernalillo County, New Mexico


Polly Anna Montoya

Arrest Age 50
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Arrested Dec 23, 2008
• id theft forgry fraud conspcy 3 rd deg,jdg shehpard
Montoya Polly - Bernalillo County, NM
Shantell Roxanne Montoya

Arrest Age 45
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Arrested Nov 29, 2011
• failure to appear in court
• fail to comply
• fail to complete community serv hrs
• aband/cruelty of child (misd)
• burglary auto/comm/water craft
• shoplifting $250 or less
• theft of identity
• fail to appear court, aband/cruelty of child (misd), aband/cruelty of child (misd)
• fail to appear court, shoplifting $250 or less
• burglary auto/comm/water cr
Montoya Shantell - Bernalillo County, NM
Sharon Rose Montoya
Bond: $40000
Arrest Age 28
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Arrested Oct 05, 2014
• poss contr subst methanphedam
• tamper with evidence;fail to comply;poss contr substance $40000 notes: cash/surety
• fail to appear court;poss contr substance;tamper with evidence $27000 notes: cash/surety
• fail to appear arraignment;burglary auto/comm/water craft;theft of a credit card;larceny $250 or less $5000 notes: cash/surety
Montoya Sharon - Bernalillo County, NM
Vanessa Renee Montoya

Arrest Age 53
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Arrested Oct 18, 2013
• forgery/4th deg
• theft of identity
Montoya Vanessa - Bernalillo County, NM
Xavier Nathaniel Montoya
Bond: $690000
Arrest Age 42
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Arrested Dec 15, 2016
• receiving and transfer stln motor vehicl $690000 notes: cash/surety
• conspiracy
• theft of identity
• theft of identity statute
Montoya Xavier - Bernalillo County, NM
Juanita Elizabeth Montoya-Lopez

Arrest Age 50
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Arrested Apr 14, 2018
• theft of identity;fraud use of cc;fail to appear court;theft of a credit card
Montoya-Lopez Juanita - Bernalillo County, NM
Kevin P Moore

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Arrested Apr 01, 2019
• fail to appear court;forgery less than $2500;theft of identity
Moore Kevin - Bernalillo County, NM
Cecilia Odelia Mora

Arrest Age 34
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Arrested Mar 06, 2018
• fail to comply;theft of identity
Mora Cecilia - Bernalillo County, NM
Yailin Moralas
Bond: $15000
Arrest Age 27
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Arrested Jun 25, 2017
• theft of identity;control subst w/int dist counterfeit;conspiracy;bring contraband into a jail $15000 notes: cash/surety
Moralas Yailin - Bernalillo County, NM
Felicia May Morales

Arrest Age 31
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Arrested Feb 27, 2019
• fail to appear court;theft of identity;concealing identity
Morales Felicia - Bernalillo County, NM
Isela Morales

Arrest Age 36
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Arrested Aug 02, 2008
• gji dealing in cc, theft id, pos stln cc *2cnt
• fta conc id jdg nakamura
Morales Isela - Bernalillo County, NM
Jose Luis-Ochoa Morales

Arrest Age 69
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Arrested Mar 30, 2007
• fta/ forgery/ theft of identity/ jduge knowles
• fta// jduge walker
• fta/ sus lic/ jduge shepherd
• ftp/ jduge clinton
Morales Jose - Bernalillo County, NM
Jose L Morales

Arrest Age 47
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Arrested Jul 31, 2010
• ftc w/cond prob, poss cs, rcvg stln property x2, id theft, poss drg paraph, jdg schwartz
• fta, emzz, escape from ccp, jdg schwartz
• ftp prob costs, cncl id, rst, jdg walker
Morales Jose - Bernalillo County, NM
Pedro Morales-Ortega
Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 46
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Arrested Sep 02, 2013
• grand jury indictment;forgery (issuing or transferring) 30-16-10(b) f3;forgery (making or altering) 30-16-10(a) f3;theft of identity;conspiracy;fraud $250 or less $5000 notes: or
Morales-Ortega Pedro - Bernalillo County, NM
Jesse Orlando Moralez
Bond: $10000
Arrest Age 18
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Arrested Jul 17, 2014
• unlawful taking mv $10000 notes: cash/surety
• theft of identity
• fail to appear court;attempt to commit felony;poss contr subst 1-2 narcotic;conceal identity $1000 notes: cash/surety
Moralez Jesse - Bernalillo County, NM
Lynda Moreno
Bond: $7500
Arrest Age 31
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Arrested Jul 21, 2015
• forgery less than $2500;theft of identity $7500 notes: cash/surety
Moreno Lynda - Bernalillo County, NM
Diante R Morgan

Arrest Age 63
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Arrested Aug 20, 2011
• fraud use of cc 3rd deg
• theft of a credit card
• theft of a credit card, fraud use of cc 3rd deg
Morgan Diante - Bernalillo County, NM
Dino Morgan

Arrest Age 30
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Arrested Mar 12, 2012
• conspiracy
• theft of identity
• theft of identity x17,conspiracy
Morgan Dino - Bernalillo County, NM
Lynn A Morgan

Arrest Age 46
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Arrested Dec 14, 2014
• contribute to delinquency minor felony
• burglary auto/comm/water craft;theft of a credit card;probation violation
• probation violation;burglary auto/comm/water craft
• probation violation;forgery
Morgan Lynn - Bernalillo County, NM
Zachary Morrison
Bond: $5000
Arrest Age 49
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Arrested Apr 21, 2016
• theft of identity $5000 notes: cash/surety
Morrison Zachary - Bernalillo County, NM
Ashley Rose Morrow
Bond: $3000
Arrest Age 36
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Arrested Sep 19, 2015
• forgery less than $2500 $3000 notes: cash/surety
• theft of identity
Morrow Ashley - Bernalillo County, NM
Brittany Monique Morton
Bond: $500
Arrest Age 47
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Arrested Apr 15, 2016
• theft of identity $500 notes: cash/surety
• fail to comply w/cond of release;petty larceny/shoplifting
Morton Brittany - Bernalillo County, NM
Johnathan Rex Morton

Arrest Age 41
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Arrested Jul 19, 2010
• forgery/4th deg
• violation of cond of release
• violation of cond of release, batt dvm jdg engel
• forgery, idenity theft, fraudulent use of a credit card, jdg sanchez
Morton Johnathan - Bernalillo County, NM
Lawrence Arthur Mosley

Arrest Age 31
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Arrested Oct 26, 2021
• theft of a credit card
• shoplifting ( $250 or less)
Mosley Lawrence - Bernalillo County, NM
Mary Kathrane Motley

Arrest Age 51
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Arrested Feb 20, 2009
• fta, forgery, jdg blackmer
• gji, armed rob, consp to commit armed rob, jdg whitaker
• gji, forgery, consp to commit forgery, jdg murdoch
• fta, unlaw taking of a veh,theft of id, forgery, jdg sanchez
• fta, armed rob w/dw, consp armed rob w/dw, jdg schwartz
Motley Mary - Bernalillo County, NM
Daniel Jason Moya

Arrest Age 55
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Arrested May 23, 2012
• warrant, forgery, fraud, theft of identity
Moya Daniel - Bernalillo County, NM
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